About Abby Silver

There is no better place for custom art than where we spend time each and every day… in our homes, our workplaces, our public spaces.

My goal is to use the magic of form and color to create a visual experience that will lift people’s spirits, adding  beauty and serenity to their lives.  My architectural ceramic experience ranges from designing unique custom accents for homes to creating public art.  

I enjoy merging my ideas with those of my clients to express a unique vision and style. I have been a full-time ceramicist since 1994, beginning with a successful line of hand-built production pottery. I became inspired to explore architectural ceramics when my husband and I were building our own home in 2002. Since then, I have worked on numerous projects in collaboration with homeowners, designers, architects, and construction professionals.  

I look forward to working together to create something special for you!


The Commission Process

Consulting and Design

Custom design is a collaborative process.  It  begins with a meeting between me and you, the potential client (or your  Interior Designer, Architect, etc.), to discuss your ideas.  

  We take as much time as we need to flesh out  our concepts and decide upon the final design.  Initially, I provide a  number of preliminary sketches from which you will pick the final  concept.  I then provide final sketches or 3-D model as appropriate.   By the end of this phase, we all know what the final piece should look  like and how it will integrate into your space.  In this point, we will sign a contract covering scope of services, payment, and the delivery/installation schedule.  


Time to sculpt!  The piece is shaped, divided into manageable pieces, dried, fired, glazed, and fired a final time.  While this is happening, you will get color samples to choose from. 


This phase  involves getting the piece installed in its new home.  When possible, I install my own work, coordinating with the  client, General Contractor, or any other relevant parties.

Non-Local Clients:
This process can work similarly  for clients outside the greater Denver area. The Consultation and  Design phases can be accomplished via email and telephone. Non-local  clients would need to supply their own tile installer who would be  willing to consult with me.  The finished pieces, labeled and including  an installation map, can be shipped within the continental United  States. 

I am happy to provide references  from homeowners, designers, architects, and general contractors I have  worked with on past projects.